Employer and Group Volunteering

Volunteering Hounslow can help arrange group volunteering events for your company or for a group of people/friends. We work with voluntary and community organisations, public and the private sector. We can help match you to some interesting volunteer opportunities in which your group of employees or friends can participate together.  We support large and small groups to take part in volunteering.

We aim to ‘inspire and support volunteering’ across the borough. Our goal is find the best match for volunteers and organisations. If you are a potential volunteer or represent a potential volunteer group you can register easily with our registration form that you can find below.

Our process

Click here to download your Group Volunteering registartion form.
Click here to download your Employer Volunteering registartion form.

If you need any assistance or would like to receive information on how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I register for group volunteering?

You can come and meet the team at an outreach session, call or email us. You will be asked to complete our registration form. This will let us know the size of your group, availability, interests, skills and budget possibilities which will help us to find the right opportunity for you and your group.


What form do I need to complete?

There are 3 different registration forms: one for organisations, who wish to host a group, another for employers and another for group of people who wish to take part in volunteering. If you are still unsure which form you need to complete please contact us and we will send you the right form.


What support will you receive?

We will help you find an interesting opportunity. Firstly, we will send you a couple of role descriptions based on your group availability and interests indicated on the registration form. After you have chosen your opportunity we will introduce you to the organisation to discuss any further details directly. We can also support, if required, the communication with the organisation. If needed we can also help on the day of event to collect case studies and memories of the day.


What are the benefits?

  • Develop useful skills
  • Satisfaction of making a valuable impact to charities in their local area
  • Team building
  • Develop stronger and more effective communication skills


Is your Service free?

Yes, our service is free. However please note that some organisations may need support with funding the volunteering day, this may be needed to equipment etc. If this is to be the case, the organisation will draw attention to the price in their role description.


What kind of opportunities do you have?

It’s always changing. Usually there are gardening, painting, conservations, DIY works, fundraising, event volunteering. Please complete our registration form in which you can indicate your group skills and interests and we will send some opportunities based on these.


What happens if you don’t like the opportunity that we have sent you?

Please just let us know and we try our best to find something  that fits your group better.


Is there a minimum age requirement?

It depends on the kind of volunteering role you are doing. There are more opportunities that are available for adults, however, we try to find matches for young people as well.


What size of group is ideal for group volunteering?

Although most of the opportunities are ideal for 15-25 people, we support small and large group as well.


We are just a group of friends. Can we participate in group volunteering too?

Yes, of course. Any group can participate in group volunteering.


When will the opportunity take place?

It’s up to you and the organisation. After you’ve chosen the opportunity in which you would like to take part, we will introduce you to the representative of the organisation to discuss further details and book the date. Some opportunities are only available on selected dates. Please note the gardening and maintenance work is usually available  during weekdays however the big events (e.g. races, festivals) are at the weekends.


How many hours will our group be volunteering?

The organisations usually offers half day or one day events. Sometimes there are some opportunities that required regular support from volunteer groups (e.g. once a month).


Do we need any special qualification?

Usually you will not need any. You just need to be enthusiastic, motivated and open.  However many tasks involve basic gardening, painting or DIY skills.


Is a DBS check required for every member of the group?

It depends on the kind of volunteering role you are doing. If your volunteering opportunity brings your group into close contact with young people under 18 or vulnerable adults then you may require a DBS check. It is the responsibility of the organisation you are volunteering with to apply for a DBS check for you and they will let you know if it is required or not.

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