Rewarding Volunteers

Value You

A charitable scheme (ValueYou) is available in Hounslow, providing a discount card to people that volunteer 100 hours or more for a charity, hospital, school or not for profit library or park service in the Borough. We are very grateful to Hounslow Council for providing funding to support the scheme. The scheme was originally set up in Ealing by a junior Doctor as a way of saying thank you to hospital volunteers.

Volunteering Hounslow is working with ValueYou to administer the scheme and also providing a 100 hour certificate of recognition for the volunteers.

The cards can be used at over 500 independent businesses across London. The card is completely free-there are no charges or fees of any kind. Each volunteer can also choose a gift voucher donated by an independent business.

You can register with the scheme either using the online form which can be found here or with a paper application form. Volunteer managers can email to receive a guide on how to support volunteers to access and make use of the scheme. Visit to find out more.

Reward and Recognition Certificates

Volunteering Hounslow operates its own reward and recognition scheme. This is done to:

  • 'Reward and Recognise' volunteers in a timely and effective way, for their exceptional contribution to their organisation.
  • 'Reward and Recognise' volunteer involving organisations in a timely and effective way, for their exceptional contribution to the community.
  • Provide various opportunities to acknowledge and recognise volunteers and volunteer involving organisations.
  • Help Volunteering Hounslow encourage a culture of shared success and commitment.
  • Recognise that each volunteer and volunteer involving organisation can make a difference.
  • Highlight processes, procedures and activities that have benefited volunteers and volunteer involving organisations and showcase them as best working practices.

For rewarding and recognising individual volunteers and organisations, this is done by certificates for:

  • 25 hours voluntary service
  • 50 hours voluntary service
  • 75 hours voluntary service
  • 100 hours voluntary service
  • completing a number of hours other than mentioned above, but when leaving an organisation to be recognised for their contribution.
  • completing a project / supporting an event / attending a training course

These are sent to the organisation for presenting to the volunteer, in accordance with the report of the number of hours completed by volunteers, submitted as agreed to Volunteering Hounslow.

To request certificates please contact the Team.