Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is beneficial to businesses and the communities they operate within.  Companies of all sizes find it valuable in meeting corporate social responsibility targets, offering chances for employee skill development or as a teambuilding exercise. Corporate volunteering may be carried out as a group or individual, and in both cases, it is a fantastic way for businesses to connect with local communities. If your employer offers a volunteering scheme which assigns you an annual time allowance for volunteering, we can help you find a role.

Employees Volunteering as Individuals

Individuals should follow the regular volunteer registration process and search for opportunities on our volunteer database, Volunteer Connect. It is possible to search for one-off opportunities by ticking ‘one-off event’ in our advanced search.

Employees Volunteering in Groups

Volunteering as a group follows a slightly different process if you need any extra information contact us or see our FAQs. Below is a step-by-step guide to Group Volunteering

  • Use the online registration form
  • If you have an opportunity in mind fill out the role confirmation form and we will contact the organisation on your behalf
  • If there are no suitable opportunities, we will contact you when we find the perfect role
  • You embark on your volunteering adventure!
  • We ask for your feedback which will help us inspire others

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