Equality and Diversity

This page outlines guidance for equality and diversity in Volunteer Management. 

Before recruiting volunteers, make sure your organisation is volunteer-ready by completing the Volunteer Management Health Check.


Volunteering Hounslow Guidance

Equality and Diversity in Volunteer Management (PDF)

Our PDF guide gives an introduction to  equality & diversity:

  • - Diversity statements
  • - Accessible Information
  • - Expenses
  • - Models of disability
  • - Keeping volunteers safe
  • - Monitoring inclusion

Templates and Examples

Healthy Volunteering Plan (MS Word)
A tool to use when inducting volunteers

Inclusion Action Plan Volunteering Barnet and Active Volunteering (MS Word)
Steps to addressing environmental, organisational and attitudinal barriers

Example Equal Opportunities Statement Volunteering England, 2009 (PDF)‚Äč
Example Equal Opportunities Form Cambridge CAB (PDF)


Other Guidance

Let's Talk About Inclusion Booklet Volunteering ACT, 2004 (PDF)

Report on Diversity Monitoring Equally Professional Network (MS Word)

Monitoring Volunteer Data Institute of Voluntary Research (PDF)


Specific Guidance 

Volunteers with a Criminal Record 

Older Volunteers

Young Volunteers