I Need Volunteers

Volunteering Hounslow can help your organisation find volunteers. We work with voluntary and community organisations in both the public, private and civil society sector.

We can:

  • Help you to recruit and manage volunteers.
  • Help you develop and promote your volunteering opportunities.
  • Offer advice, support and training in volunteer management.

register your organisation

How to Register

1. Register by adding your name and email address and creating a password
2. Search for your organisation. If it already exists, the box will automatically enter the name of your organisation.
3. If your organisation has not been registered, continue to fill out the form
4. You will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address
5. If you have not heard from us in 24 hours, then please contact us
6. You can now add and edit roles as well as contact volunteers via your account

Download our PDF guide


If you need further assistance with managing your roles and volunteer contacts please contact us

How can volunteers benefit your organisation?

Volunteers are a valuable resource bringing with them enthusiasm, skills and experiences, flexibility, fresh ideas and new ways of working.

Volunteers can offer one-off, occasional or seasonal help or a regular commitment. Each volunteer has a unique contribution to make.

What support will you receive?

We will help you to design, implement and manage your volunteering programme.

Register for free and receive the following services:

  • Volunteer Manager Forums
  • Training courses or bespoke in-house training*
  • Opportunities for your staff to volunteer in the local community*
  • Advice and support on all aspects of working with volunteers
  • Promotion of your volunteer opportunities on the national do-it.org.uk website
  • A referral pathway for volunteers who are surplus to your needs
  • An recognition scheme for your volunteers
  • Resource references: policies and procedures, recruitment, retention, managing and supporting volunteers Information sharing

*Some charges may apply