Power To Change Grant

Applications open for £10 million Community Business Fund

(Full criteria will be published on 5th April)

If you would like to apply on 26th April, these are the things to consider:

They expect the process to be highly competitive.  Last year they were able to fund just 5 per cent of the applications we received.
There'll be a further two funding rounds in July and October 2016. We expect to allocate funding broadly equally across the three rounds, so choosing to apply for a later funding round will not reduce an applicant’s chance of receiving a funding.
They will rarely fund alone. For example, we will usually fund a maximum of 75% of the total costs of buying or renovating a building.
In previous funding rounds, over two-thirds of applications were rejected because they didn’t meet our definition of a community business.So in order to be considered for funding, you will need to clearly demonstrate that that your organisation meets our four criteria for community business:

  •     Locally rooted
  •     Accountable to the local community
  •     Broad community impact
  •     Trading for the benefit of the local community

Find out more about what is a community business here

You can register your interest to apply here.