Sending Thanks

To the amazing people of Hounslow, 

When I began my role as a Volunteer Brokerage Coordinator earlier this year, I could not have imagined just how wonderful the people I would meet would be. Hounslow volunteers and organisations deliver a huge range of unique services and programmes across the borough to support one another and it has been a pleasure to work so closely with many of you in 2019. 

The highlight of 2019 was undoubtedly the Volunteers’ Week celebration in June. We were pleased to host a highly successful Volunteers’ Fair in a stunning venue, the new Hounslow House. It was inspiring to have so many organisation represent themselves, and to see individuals express interest in making the London Borough of Hounslow a better place to live. We gave thanks to a phenomenal 60 volunteers during the award ceremony, a real testimony to the strength of the Hounslow volunteering community. 

This has been a successful year for building relationships. We held three Volunteer Coordinators’ Coffee Mornings with a growing number of organisations attending each time. I hope to see you all at the next event in February to strengthen your organisational network!  

The Volunteering Hounslow team and I hope we can continue to work alongside all of you to help this growing movement of volunteering in the borough. 

Wishing everyone a joyful festive time and happy volunteering in the New Year!