Organisational Involvement

This page outlines guidance for Best Practice in involving volunteers in organisations.

Before recruiting volunteers, make sure your organisation is volunteer-ready by completing the Volunteer Management Health Check.

Organisational Involvement Guidance (PDF)

Our PDF guide gives an introduction to Best Practice when involving volunteers the organisation: 

  • - Structured Communication
  • - Consulting on change and development
  • - Formal representation


Other Guidance

Inspiring Volunteers: a guide to recruitment and communications
The Media Trust (PDF)

Communicating and consulting with your team
Knowhow Nonprofit (external link)


Top Tips

We meet with many local organisations who have great ideas about volunteer management. Here are few we have heard that we thought were food for thought:

  • Give volunteers the opportunity to meet with senior members of your organisation. For example, a Q&A session with your CEO or board of trustees can not only make sure volunteers feel valued, but also give them a voice within the organisation.

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