Volunteer Recruitment Processes

This page outlines the basic steps to recruiting volunteers.

Before recruiting volunteers, make sure your organisation is volunteer-ready by completing the Volunteer Management Health Check.

Introduction to Recruiting Volunteers (PDF)
Our PDF guide takes you through the process of recruiting volunteers step-by-step:

  • - Getting Ready to Recruit
  • - Recruitment Process
  • - Recruitment Campaign 


Where to recruit volunteers?

  • - On our Volunteer Connect website (to recruit volunteers from the local area)
  • - Social media, online blogs and articles in the local press
  • - Posters and leaflets
  • - To your existing volunteers, supporters and stakeholders
  • - Outreach events and volunteering fairs
  • - Websites such as do-it.org or charityjob



Simple Role Description Template (MS Word)
Role Description Template for Volunteer Connect (MS Word)‚Äč
Volunteer Recruitment Timetable Template (MS Word)


Further Reading

Inspiring Volunteers: a guide to recruitment and communications, The Media Trust (PDF)

A guide to avoiding job substitution, NCVO (PDF)

Step-by-step guide to recruiting volunteers, Knowhow Nonprofit (MS Word)

Do I need a DBS? Government Guidance (web link)


Top Tips

We meet with local organisations who have great ideas about volunteer management. Here are few ideas we thought were food for thought:

  • - Join up with another organisation, pool resources and promote roles together. This could help you get more coverage in the press
  • - Harness your existing volunteers – they can give you vital information, and help you reach a wider audience. Ask them: why are they there? What makes them love their role? What would they change? And would they be willing to contact more people to get involved?
  • - How about one-off taster session for people interested in volunteering but worried about commitment.


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